A handy roster for those new or returning to the pod, as each fateful Freo Docker earns themselves a moniker and matching theme song
Danyle PearceCareless Whisper‘Careless Whisper’ by George Michael
David MundyTell me why‘Don’t like Monday’s’ Boomtown Rats, OR Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
Nathan WilsonMaster of Puppets/Puppet Master‘Master of Puppets’ Metallica
Andrew Brayshaw and Adam Cerra2 and 5, Fruit and Veg‘Thunder’ Imagine Dragons
Cam McCarthyCam Mac, Dardy McCrafty‘Up in Here’ DMX
Taylin DumanTurkish Delight
Nathan FyfeFyfey‘Intro to Top Gun’
Michael JohnsonMJ, Jono
Ed LangdonCold as Ice‘Cold as Ice’
Bailey BanfieldT-1000Terminator 2 theme
Michael WaltersSonny or Son Son
Matthew Taberner3GT, Graberner, Craberner or GabbernerStarted from the Bottom' Drake
Hayden BallantyneBallaz
Nick SubanMy Humps
Mitchell CrowdenMini Suban, Mini Humps
Jesse HoganHogan's HeroesHogan's Heroes theme'
Connor BlakelyThe glove - a.k.a Gary Paton
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